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Active Desktop Calendar shows a calendar in the desktop background
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Pete Ghiloni If you have become visually challenged and would like to use a printed notes/task calendar from ADC, you may find the font so small that you can't read it. Following is a reply from ADC support concerning the extremely small font used in the printed calendar.

"Unfortunately what you want is not possible at this moment. We already have that option on our rather large wish-list for future developments, but at this moment we do not know when or if at all any particular suggestion will find its way to the official release."

So much for ADC's position on the use of their calendar by visually disabled users. Not very friendly and a real turn off for me.

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Guest i want to remove this program from my computer. for some reason i can't make it go away and i already have all the programs i need. please help me remove this program from my computer.

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Uni It's very helpful to see computer date to big. And alarm setting is good.

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Guest Excellent and handy software to use... ease of use and find it very useful.. highly recommend...

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Bowlman excellent software that can show a calendar with your task and the calendar of outlook on your desktop.

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Guest The Calender is simply good. Rating is Excellent.

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